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So, you have worked really hard on your cross stitch piece and just discovered that you made a mistake rows above where you are now and there is ripping on the way. You are so angry and wanting to say a 4 letter F word. But stop! Wait! I can fix this for you.

Ripit . . .

     Ripit . . . 

         Ripit . . .

FROG -- The cross stitchers 4 letter F word for what happens when you make a mistake. A frog makes a funny little sound that is like "RIP IT RIP IT". What will you be doing to your cross stitch? You will be playing RIP IT RIP IT. But instead, tell your friends that you will be spending your evening FROGGING and they will think you have started something new, wild and crazy. Better than saying you are tearing out and saying FROG will make you smile and feel way better as you are doing it.

We used to have a Guest Book, that stitchers would sign on their first visit to The Crafty Framer & Cross Stitch Store, but after filling up several books, we changed to the Pink Bathroom.  So, on the inside of our bathroom door  we put a Dry-erase board.  It's now become our "tradition" for all new stitchers sign in on their first visit.  

The Pink Bathroom